January 2017

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Everything You Need to Know About Android O

The next version of Android – code-named O – inches ever closer. As a matter of fact, Google released preview builds of O for developers to tinker with, to better optimize their apps once this newest version of Android hits the market later this year. Tech journalists expect Google to…

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Casting a Light on the Dark Web

The Internet may be a fantastic product of genius minds seeking to provide information to as many people as possible, but there are dark, hidden depths to the World Wide Web. Appropriately named the Dark Web, this walled-off portion of the Internet earned notoriety for harboring fewer cat videos, and…

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Crash Impedes Uber’s Self-Driving Operations in Arizona

Popular ride-hailing company Uber has to deal with another setback. Specifically, a car crash in Tempe, Arizona involving an Uber self-driving car rolling onto its side after another vehicle hit it. Fortunately, no serious injuries resulted in the accident. Non-fatalities aside, Uber halted all operations of its self-driving fleet of…