November 2017

Tech News

Focusing on the Client in P&C Insurance

With multiple natural disasters, it is not surprising that there is a rise of activity in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance marketing software industry. P&C insurance refers to non-life insurance that may cover fires, calamities, general liabilities, and employer’s liability. P&C insurance may cover even damages from third parties….

Digital Marketing

3 Critical Questions to Ask When Choosing an SEO Agency

With a raft of SEO agencies out there claiming to do a thorough job, it can be confusing to any business owner to come up with the best. But, how do you differentiate the chaff from the grains? SEO Werkz and other digital marketing agencies in Utah say these are…

Digital Marketing

Public Relations Approaches Applicable to Businesses

Public relations are the cornerstone of an organisation’s growth strategy. PR is an efficient way of placing your business in front of the right audience at the right time. In fact, organisations that make significant investments in PR always reap substantial ROI. The key to getting a good ROI is…

Digital Marketing

Increase Website Traffic by Improving Website Design

When you visit a business’ website that has bad web design, most probably you immediately cut your visit and leave the site. Now, with this situation in mind, it makes you think twice about what online visitors feel about your own business website. Poor design can negatively affect your online…

Phone being held while accessing Facebook Digital Marketing

Top 3 Techniques to Boost Facebook Ads Performance

Are you using Facebook as a platform to advertise your business? If so, simply boosting a post or paying an ad is not enough. You may get more clicks and likes on posts, but what you need are conversions. This is why you need to improve your overall sales and bottom line instead…

HVAC Condenser Units Hot Off the Press

Make Your Air Conditioning Unit Last

According to the US Department of Energy, you need to clean your AC units regularly if you want them to function optimally. So here are some ways that can help you to clean and maintain your AC units. Clean or replace the air conditioner’s filters The filters will be the…