August 2018

Digital Marketing

Three Habits of an Effective Project Manager

The success or failure of any project depends on the effectiveness of the team, but the effectiveness of the team depends even more on the efficacy of the project manager. Leadership is key to any project reaching their intended goal. When there is a failure in leadership, you can most…

Hot Off the Press

How a Business Consultant Can Help with Expansion

Many business owners have a goal to grow or expand their business. Since business expansion is a huge decision, many business owners seek the professional advice of business consultants. Companies who want to expand their business to other locations like Malaysia would need the insight of a local professional who…

Tech News

Types of Sensors Used in Alarm Monitoring Systems

Security is among the paramount needs of any residential and commercial property. Burglars are now using various technological methods to gain access to properties. The conventional security measures efficient in the past are generally useless nowadays in keeping your property safe. Alarm monitoring systems from Certified Fire Protection can keep…