October 2018

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Better Simulation More Necessary As Firms Develop Small Satellites

Otherwise called CubeSat, the popularity of smaller spacecraft highlights the need for better conscious on reducing the number of space junk floating around the Earth’s orbit. Some of the concerns for addressing the problem include risks to astronauts’ safety. GPS and CRPA simulation systems will be more important because more companies are…

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Against Cybercrime: Investing in Cyber Security Solutions for Companies

Whether for enterprises or small businesses, companies are investing in online network technologies like smartphone apps and websites to deploy their services. The decision matches the behavioural trends of consumers; with smartphones and mobile data becoming a staple of the everyday life of Australians, businesses are only making the right…

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Managing Cybersecurity Threats in a Business Context

Businesses can no longer consider a cybersecurity threat an exclusively technological problem. Cybersecurity-related risks can affect an entire business operation and need to be met with a comprehensive plan and security package. Companies like Stave Apps offer cybersecurity management strategies to improve efforts of business cyber threat management. Cybersecurity as…

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What Benefits Do Computer Monitoring Services Provide?

In this highly wired age, businesses are concerned about how to maximize the use of their capital resources to prolong the lives of their organizations. Technology Visionaries LLC shares that computer systems are unarguably a business’ most valued capital wealth. Computers run an organization’s operations, from bookkeeping to web services….